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TN Marketing Enters the B2B Space with a New Employee Benefit Offering from Craftsy

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Craftsy helps employers close the creativity gap and drive stronger results by building a culture of creativity in the office and at home

Minneapolis – (Jan.13, 2021) – TN Marketing, a global online video subscription and streaming media business focused on creating communities by engaging people with their passions, announced today an extension of the Craftsy brand into the B2B space. Its first B2B offering, Craftsy@WORK, will help businesses shape innovative environments and provide employees with resources so their creativity can flourish.

Since the rise of COVID-19, there has been a significant shift in the way organizations do business and the impact is putting the workforce under stress and negatively impacting company cultures. Research has shown that engaging in creative activities can help to create a happier and healthier workplace and improve mental health, increase happiness and improve cognitive function. Moreover, a focus on creativity drives better business results.

To help businesses build a culture of creativity in their offices, TN Marketing is making Craftsy available to companies as an employee benefit. For a small annual fee, employers and their families — including spouses, children and parents — will receive access to Craftsy’s digital subscription offering empowering their employees to exercise their creative muscle both at home and in the office. Craftsy subscribers have on demand access to a library of over 1,500 classes for both adults and children in categories like knitting, sewing, gardening, photography, woodworking, cooking and more taught by more than 800 expert instructors.

“Employees have a lot of stress today as they balance work, family and the impact of the pandemic on their everyday lives,” said Jim Kopp, TN Marketing’s Chief Operating Officer. “Craftsy@WORK helps employers foster creativity in the workplace, while helping employees and their families relieve stress and learn new skills.”

In addition to the Craftsy subscription, Craftsy@WORK offers additional support to their corporate clients, working with partners to roll out the program to employees with a fun company event and provides on-going support with monthly inspiration and quarterly reporting designed to help optimize team engagement. For more information visit

About TN Marketing

TN Marketing is a Minneapolis based subsidiary of Trans National Group Services of Boston, which was founded by Steve Belkin.

Belkin and Cal Franklin subsequently founded TN Marketing 20 years ago, and TNM is a leader in affinity marketing. TN Marketing is a global online video subscription and streaming media business focused on creating communities by engaging people with their passions. Its how-to instructional content is centered around lifelong hobbies and reaches members in more than 150 countries. Today TN Marketing owns 14 online hobby communities and continues to add to its portfolio. Communities include National Sewing Circle, Woodworkers Guild of America, Get Healthy U TV, Outdoor Photography Guide and RV Repair Club.

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