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TN Marketing Acquires Assets from Happily Hooked to Bring New Life to Crochet Library

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

The online media company will repositionassets from Happily Hooked to new audiences on Creative Crochet Corner, providinga new home for inspiring content and access to a selection of magazines and patterns.

PLYMOUTH, MN (August 1st, 2023) — International subscription-based media company TN Marketing has recently partnered with acclaimed instructional crochet site Happily Hooked to acquire a selection of their asset library. The acquisition includes various crochet patterns, magazine issues, and crochet courses that will be repositioned and deployed on the company’s own crochet-focused website, Creative Crochet Corner, and will provide former members of Happily Hooked with continued access to some of their favorite content on a new platform.

“Ensuring that our members still had access to what they know and loved from Happily Hooked was incredibly important to us,” said Dennis Crosby of Happily Hooked. "That's why we chose to collaborate with TN Marketing.”

"We are thrilled to have partnered with Happily Hooked," said Cal Franklin, CEO of TN Marketing. "Through this acquisition, we’re able to ensure that Happily Hooked members can continue to enjoy a wide selection of the content they love while giving new life to their valuable assets and sharing them with our members."

The acquisition is a valuable opportunity, and continues a strategy to expand TN Marketing’s existing library of instructional content and will be the media company’s fifth acquisition following Fix My Hog, Vidstore, Craftsy, and Guest Rated. This makes TN Marketing one of the largest owners of online instructional content covering 28 lifelong hobby genres.

TN Marketing is excited to welcome Happily Hooked members and aims to provide them with seamless access to valuable crochet content. The company will also offer former Happily Hooked members a free year of Premium membership to access the features and benefits available from Creative Crochet Corner. With this acquisition, crocheters will be able to easily find inspiration for their craft in one central location, upholding the company’s core mission to make it easier than ever for users to connect with their passions and create something beautiful.

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About TN Marketing

TN Marketing is a global online video subscription and streaming business focused on creating communities by engaging people with their passions. Its how-to instructional content centers on lifelong hobbies and reaches members in more than 150 countries. In July 2020, TN Marketing acquired Craftsy (formerly known as Bluprint) from NBCUniversal, and today owns a total of 17 online communities and over 6,000 hours of original content. Some of its communities include Craftsy en Español, National Sewing Circle, Woodworkers Guild of America, Get Healthy U TV, Outdoor Photography Guide, and RV Lifestyle & Repair.

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