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CraftsyTV Launches New Channel on Sling Freestream to Broaden Reach and Offer Creative Inspiration

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

TN Marketing announces its latest partnership with Sling Freestream to launch the creative DIY channel and continue the expansion of CraftsyTV in the FAST market.

PLYMOUTH, MN (July 13, 2023) — TN Marketing is excited to announce its latest collaboration with Sling Freestream, a leading free ad-supported television (FAST) streaming service. The partnership brings the DIY channel, CraftsyTV to Sling Freestream users with no payment or credit card required to watch. CraftsyTV offers viewers a diverse range of instructional videos, project tutorials, how-to demonstrations, and original programming across a wide array of categories including knitting, baking, quilting, sewing, cake decorating, crocheting, jewelry making and more.

Craftsy, an online, subscription-based service specializing in creative, educational classes, is best known for offering its members an extensive variety of over 2,000 instructional classes and videos, covering more than 20 hobbies. The sampling of Craftsy's content on the Sling Freestream platform will allow CraftsyTV viewers to immerse themselves in engaging project tutorials and captivating demonstrations to help them discover new creative skills and find joy in the satisfaction of lifelong learning.

"This partnership is an exciting endeavor that will allow audiences to engage with our video content and give viewers an experience of what a Craftsy membership offers,” says Jim Kopp, COO of TN Marketing, expressing his enthusiasm about the launch. “We’re looking forward to the invaluable exposure that the CraftsyTV FAST channel will create and the opportunity to present instructional and entertaining DIY programming to viewers who want creativity-inspiring content."

The partnership is sure to complement Sling Freestream’s existing lineup, which provides viewers with an impressive selection of more than 400 free channels and an extensive library of over 41,000 on-demand titles, while also allowing users to subscribe to over 50 standalone streaming services, including AMC+, discovery+, MGM+ and Showtime.

Accessible on Sling Freestream through both the SLING TV app and website, the newly introduced CraftsyTV channel will provide users with unlimited access to inspiring and creative content at no cost. The collaboration between CraftsyTV and Sling Freestream presents an exciting and promising prospect for viewers with diverse interests and holds true to Craftsy's core positioning as a valuable educational resource, empowering viewers to embrace their passions and enrich their lives through creativity.

To learn more about Craftsy and CraftsyTV, please visit

About TN Marketing

TN Marketing is a global media company that creates highly engaged communities of experts, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. With a presence in over 170 countries, the company is dedicated to engaging people with their passions and empowering them to explore their interests and unleash their creativity. The company creates high-quality instructional video content that spans various creative categories such as knitting, baking, sewing, painting, paper crafts, embroidery, woodworking, crocheting, and many more. TN Marketing's mission is to build a global community of individuals who are passionate about learning new skills and techniques and eager to share their knowledge and experience with others. For more information, please visit

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