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CraftsyTV Lands on Xumo Play, Delivering Creativity-Inspiring Programming

CraftsyTV Weaves a World of Creativity with Launch on Xumo Play's FAST Channel Lineup - Offering a Wide Range of Crafting Tutorials, Original Programming, and Live Virtual Events

PLYMOUTH, MINN. (January 26, 2023) — TN Marketing, a Minnesota-based international online media company, announced the launch of its channel, CraftsyTV, on the free ad-supported TV (FAST) platform Xumo Play. The channel will feature a wide range of instructional tutorials, step-by-step demonstrations, and how-to videos on various creative categories such as knitting, baking, sewing, painting, paper crafts, embroidery, woodworking, crocheting, and more.

CraftsyTV will offer a wide range of original content and monthly live virtual events previously exclusive to These events will allow viewers to connect with industry-leading experts and learn new techniques and skills in real-time expert instruction. The channel is about embracing the process, trying new things, and reveling in unexpected imperfections, which contribute to the immense satisfaction of lifelong learning. This sentiment is at the core of the programming offered on CraftsyTV.

"CraftsyTV is not just another channel, it's a revolutionary step forward in bringing expert-led, instructional content to a global audience. We are excited to partner with Xumo Play to bring this unique and empowering experience to their FAST audience,” said Jim Kopp, COO of TN Marketing. “As a leading producer of instructional content, we are confident that our channel will inspire creativity and lifelong learning. We can't wait to see its impact on the Xumo Play community."

“The new CraftsyTV channel is delivering a one-stop destination of inspired content and a wealth of insights to millions of enthusiasts on Xumo Play,” stated Stefan Van Engen, VP of programming and partnerships at Xumo. “From accomplished crafters to casual hobbyists, our viewers will appreciate the caliber of this premium channel, uniquely focused on such a diverse, highly popular and growing pastime.”

CraftsyTV made its initial debut as a premier feature on the Craftsy mobile app, providing users with an endless stream of expert-led, inspirational video content. With its FAST channel launch on Plex in November 2022, TN Marketing has taken a bold step towards expanding its reach and inspiring an even broader audience of hobbyists and enthusiasts. As we continue to forge strategic partnerships with leading platforms, our goal remains unwavering - to empower and inspire a global community with our instructor-led, expert-driven content.

To watch CraftsyTV on Xumo Play, please visit here.

About TN Marketing

TN Marketing is a global media company that creates highly-engaged communities of experts, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. With a presence in over 170 countries, the company is dedicated to engaging people with their passions and empowering them to explore their interests and unleash their creativity. The company creates high-quality instructional video content that spans various creative categories such as knitting, baking, sewing, painting, paper crafts, embroidery, woodworking, crocheting, and many more. TN Marketing's mission is to build a global community of individuals who are passionate about learning new skills and techniques and eager to share their knowledge and experience with others.

For more information, please visit

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